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Hate to say this, but this is your opportunity. Nobody said you can’t use the fresh air. There are ways. Indoors is another story. You don’t need space to do stretches on your bed, any size bed.(Read my book. Shows you photos of the best, easy stretches.) Then you can move to the floor. 10 ft is more than enough space for a yoga workout. In 3 days, I’m an active, healthy, 97, which for some seems old. For me, it’s only a big number. I can’t say good morning without stretches, then 1 hour of yoga all done on an 8 by 10 carpet. There’s much more you can do. What about weights and if you're brave, jump rope. Coming soon a short video to clarify these words. Listen to your body, your best friend. It needs you and your attention and love. Every day is a discovery. There can be joy.🙏🏻 #PhyllisSues “My Trip to a Healthy, Active 96” 📚 (link in bio) #workout #motivation #workoutathome #stayathome #yoga #stretch #inspiration #ageisjustanumber #97onsaturday

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